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Gujarat Tourism - Explore Culture, Heritage and Spirituality in Gujarat

Gujarat is a state in the western part of India famous for its diverse culture, heritage and authentic cuisine. It’s one of the unique and marvelous sights of India. Situated on the banks of Sabarmati River, Gujarat houses some of the best artifacts from the medieval period. History of this place speaks for itself. It stretches from the age old Harappan Civilization to the Mughal period. Gujarat's endless stories from ground to the sky are timeless with historical and cultural traditions embellishing this State.

Gujarat is also the land of Lord Krishna. It’s the hometown to India famous freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi. Hospitality, compassion, endurance is the edifice upon which Gujarat Tourism is built. Gujarat offers its tourists scenic beauty from Great Rann of Kutch to the hills of Satpura. Gujarat is the only place in the entire world to view pure Asiatic lions.

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Gujarat is one of the unique tourist places to visit as it offers various entertainment and informative tours to its visitors. It offers variety of tourism's to its tourists:

  • Business tourism
  • Cultural Tourism
  • Wildlife Tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Various fairs and festivals

Tourist Places in Gujarat

Ahmedabad Tourism

Ahmedabad is one of the Ideal and unique places to cover all the destinations of Gujarat. There are some interesting places to see in and around this city. Some of the features that perfectly describe this city of Gujarat are magnificent monuments, wonderful and delightful museums and gorgeous, peaceful lakes. An abundance of sightseeing places can be found here which are worth a visit.

Adalaj is marked as one of the most excellent step wells also known as Baolis of Gujarat. It serves as a fabulous treat during the months of scorching heat.

Lothal city is one of the interesting places of Ahmedabad, especially according to archaeological view. This town was established about 4500 years ago and is well connected with the Indus Valley cities of Mohenjodaro and Harappa.

For bird lovers, Nalsarovar is a delightful paradise. The best time to visit this place is from November to February. Nalsarovar captures large varieties of indigenous and migratory birds.

Patan is a must to visit because it is the leading manufacturer of the intricately designed Patola silk saris. It has also been the ancient capital city of Ahmedabad. Hence, this place is usually liked by the historians, who are always in the quest to explore more and more facts about the past.

Somnath & Dwarka Tourism

The Somnath temple located in Prabhas Patan near Veraval in Saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat, India, is the first among the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Shiva. It is an important pilgrimage and tourist spot

Dwarka is one of the seven ancient towns (sapta puris) to visit. It is believed that immediately after the death of Lord Krishna and the consequent demise of the Yadav Dynasty a massive flood gulped Dwarka and submerged the city of gold beneath the ocean.

Some of the unique facts about Gujarat that make it sure to visit state:

  • Only lion sanctuary of Asia.
  • Only site for the Indus valley civilization.
  • An elaborate network of hotels, restaurants.
  • Unique and diverse culture.
  • Lengthiest coastline
  • State with 14 Airports

Let’s explore the beauty of Gujarat and its well known Culture with the leading tourism group in Gujarat. So you can visit Gujarat tourism website www.gujarattourismonline.com for information or Contact Us for best deals.


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