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Gujarat experiences an aesthetic experience where the work of art results with the formal interest and commemorative interest making way together. Completely appealing and valuable, works of art in Gujarat differ widely in the proportions of its patterns to the element of Painting, Sculpture or any other – blend with beauty and usefulness. Arts present something to our sense – perceptions as they make way to articulate lifestyles. Gujarat stands unique with its verbal or nonverbal arts – a mixed combination with aesthetic appeal. It is famous for its dyeing, printing, bead and mirror work apart from traditional Bandhinis and Patolas which has a hand woven art for the traditional wear.


The arts and crafts have a rich cultural past and linked to the present modernity look. One can find diverse variety of Embroidery with Inheriting talent with a distinctive style of needlework and traditional arts. Wood carving, stone work, jewellery etc. are the other areas that make Gujarat, a classic hub of traditional arts and crafts.

In paintings, Oil, glass painting, kalamkari art form and Pethora, the tribal ritual paintings leave intricate frescos and the finesse with which the form comes alive with colors.

It is a watermark of Gujarati art styles. Paintings of decorative motifs on terracotta pots and clay made items are also very popular in the state of Gujarat.


The State also has a fantastic pool of artists, and a new breed of collectors and investors. The Painters and Photography artists are flourishing in Gujarat who are connected worldwide with their exhibitions and display of talent. The Academy of the Department provides opportunities for Group Exhibitions and show case talents at various places in Gujarat cities.

Gujarat is one of the most vibrant states of India. This is due to the fact that it has a rich culture. The people of the state still follow the ancient practices of art and craft with great zeal. Gujarat arts and crafts are famous world wide. They were originally made for daily use purpose in homes. But with time, the stature of the crafts grew, converting it into a full fledged industry. Skilled artisans, inherent good taste, creativity and economical use of the resources contributed to the growth of the art and craft. Consequently, there are varied items available in the craft galore of the state.


The wide array of items to choose from include furniture, jewelry, metalwork items, embroidered garments, colorful linen, leatherwork, beadwork, mirror work, baked clay articles, etc. Gujarat is famous for its furnishings also. You can decorate your home with ethnic craft pieces, ranging from elegant cushion covers to quilts and from tablemats to bedcovers. These items are available in simple colorful geometric designs as well as complex patterns. Gujarat’s arts and crafts are essentially the legacy of its glorious past. They truly reflect the lifestyle, culture and, above all, the spirit of the state.

The artists here put in their best efforts in designing any form of crafts. Every piece of art reflects the attitude of people and craftsmanship towards life. Thus every craft and its concept differ from each other. Every craft reveals the individuality of the designers which is connected with religious value.

It is believed that the individuality of the craftsmen and their connectivity with religion has helped in improving their skills immensely. The feeling and knowledge can be seen in every painting, music, art, architecture, and poetry. The religion and its belief have played a key in helping these artists to express their creativity skills. The architecture, painting, music, frescoes, bronze, clay, textile, brass, and printing all manifest their emotions and the sense of creativity. The artists emerge nature, religion, and creativity in designing every stone, bronze, brass, clay wood, and others in a language which impresses every on-looker.


Following are some of the different types of art and Craft that are well known among Gujarati people.


Sculpture and Miniature Painting

The Gujarat paintings are quite different and exclusive as compared to other types that are quite often seen. Every picture is beautifully sculptured painting. The outlines, curves, and bright colors make it all more attractive and worth buying.

It has a marvelous grace, something that is not seen even in Roman paintings. The aggressiveness and dialect is marvelous, which makes it quite distinct from others.

The Gujarati school and miniature can be traced back to the 11th century. The Jain patronage has all words of praise for this art. The fine art has great influence of Rajasthan and Rajputhana paintings.



Calligraphy reveals unique combination of science and creativity. It is a form of art which is passed from the father to his son, and also from the master to his disciple. Such form of art included everything such as preparation of color that was required for painting purposes. Unlike the other paints, this color would never fade and remain fresh for ages together. It is mainly used for wall decorations and other places, and some of the paintings are still there looking fresh.



The tie-dyed fabrics of Gujarat are perhaps the best produced in India. Also known as Bandhej, it is produced on superfine cotton mulmul, muslin sometimes combined with gold checks and motifs worked in the jamdani technique.



Gujarat offers a broad range of furnishings. From simple and elegant cushion covers to quilts and bedcovers in a wide range of styles. Quilts are another well-liked handicraft item.



Dhurries, carpets, blankets and rugs are natural fiber on primitive pitlooms in the villages of Kutch. Wankars dexterously weave designs with their hands while the mechanism is worked by foot pedals. The result, gorgeous patterns and remarkable colours combinations.


Silver and Stone Crafts

Gujarat’s other supreme craft is silver and stone works, found nowhere superior than in the former princely state of Saurashtra and Kutch where children of the original court swordsmiths and jewelers, now make fine beetle nut crackers, copper coated iron bells, knives and cutlery.



The state’s oldest handicraft is surely pottery, which achieved great principles of excellence in antique times. The commonest of art forms, pottery is also one of the most fascinating.


Sankheda Furniture

Another handicraft manufacturing that has become synonymous with Southern Gujarat is the lacquered furniture of Sankheda near Vadodara. Wood is curved with tools and painted with floral and intangible designs in bright shades of gold, silver, maroon, green, vermilion, and brown by using sticks dipped in a coloured mixture of dyes, powdered zinc, lac and resin.



Gujarat has a very wealthy heritage of art & crafts. The excavations at the Harappan sites in Gujarat at Lothal, Rangpur, Rozdi etc. have brought to light some of the very antique handicraft articles.


Patan Patola

The Patola Silk from Patan is famous and one of the biggest selling fabrics in some of the larger cities.The patola is one of the finest hand-woven sarees produced today. This is a specialty of Patan, and is famous for extremely delicate patterns woven with great precision and clarity.


Zari Embroidery Work

Being wooden means being lively for the craftspeople of Gujarat.he craftsperson of Gujarat quite obviously fell in love with wood: it was infused with color, shape and shine quite unlike any wooden articles found anywhere else.

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