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“Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or

sin will entice a man to cease from prayer.”


Christianity is a minority religion in Gujarat, a state of India. Hindus form the majority in the state. A Diocese of Gujarat of the Church of North India exists. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Ahmedabad, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Gandhinagar, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Baroda, the Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Rajkot and the Orthodox Diocese of Ahmedabad have their seat in the state. The Indian National Full Gospel Churches Federation of India is present there. The state has anti-conversion legislation

In the Indian state of Gujarat, Christianity is regarded as a minority religion. There is majority of Hindus found in this state. There is a Gujarat Diocese of Church of North found here. The Ahmedabad Roman Catholic Diocese, the Gandhinagar Roman Catholic Archdiocese, the Baroda Roman Catholic Diocese, the Rajkot Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese along with the Ahmedabad Orthodox Diocese consist of their seat in this state. There is also Indian National Full Gospel Churches Federation found here. There is considerably a large number of Christians found among the people belonging to Scheduled castes and Tribes.


Famous Churches


St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Ahmedabad

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church is located at Navrangpura in the city of Ahmedabad. There is no specific style of art and architecture style found to be distinct in this Church. The Crucifix exhibits the Risen Christ – along with an Indian one. The Crucifix appears to be unique and attracts large number of people. It raises high the congregation and make the celebrant along with the alter to look down.


Church Of Christ, Vadodara

Church of Christ has been found to be an organization which is Government Registered. The Church consists of all the legal rights for performing religious ceremonies and for preaching the word of God.


Methodist Church, Maninagar

The members belonging to the Methodist Church believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior. There is Holy Communion, Prayer, Bible study, Fellowship and Service and Responsible Giving found.

The Methodist Church, located in Maninagar, Gujarat was established in 1972 and functions on the belief that accepting Lord Jesus as your savior and committing your life to serve Him and His ideals is the path to true salvation. The Church helps members overcome the problems and setbacks of the past and look ahead to a bright future through Holy Communion Fellowship and Service, Prayer and Bible Study and Responsible Giving.


St. James Church, Baroda

St James Church is a well known church commonly called as the White Church and is one of the ancient churches in India. St. James Church is an epitome of 19th century Gothic, however there is low pitched roof which exhibits more of a classical style. The White Church is in dedication of the loving memory of James Sutherland Esquire (1790-1840), Resident at the Court of Highness the ‘Guicoward’ and Political commissioner of Guzerat.


Jesus Temple Bible Church, Vadodara

The Jesus Temple has been an idea which got inspiration by God for enabling the worship of Jesus with whatever the culture of India could offer. It is


Shahpur Methodist Church Ahmedabad

This Church caters to the religious needs of the Christian community living north of Relief Road because initially it was the part of Raikhad Methodist Church. The Church is not old but even then it is popular among the Shahpur area Christians. The energetic and young pastors and devotees with hand in hand renovated the Church with the erection of minaret. This Church is spiritually very vibrant. The Church is strategically located between Khemani chambers and Nandan society near Vishwa bharti high school.


The St. Paul’s Church : Diu

The St. Paul’s Church, Diu, is situated in Diu Island, on the west coast of India, a Union Territory of India. It is located in the town of Diu, which came under the control of the Portuguese colonists in early 16th century.

The St. Paul’s Church, named after St. Paul, the Apostle of Jesus also known as the Apostle to the Gentiles, is most renowned, surviving and functioning church, among the three churches built by the Portuguese in Diu. It is considered one of the best examples of baroque architecture (artistic style) in India

Diu is a Portuguese colony like Goa. It is located on the western coast away from the Gulf of Cambay. Graced with limestone cliffs, stony coves and sandy beaches, Diu is known for its cool breeze and enchanting beauty. Set off the Saurashtra coast of Gujarat adjoining Junagadh district, it is an ideal gateway to bask in glistening sand beaches, thick palm-groves and historical monuments. Untouched of the commercial intervention and environmental deterioration, Diu is an out and out fun place to be at. It has different types of the tourist attractions too of which holy places in Diu shine brighter and pull major tourist attention. The most famous of the religious places is St Paul’s Church in Diu.

Diu St Paul’s Church is said to be the only active church in the region till date. It boasts of intricate volutes and shell that form an impressive motif. Its richly done wood carving which has earned a special recognition among the most elaborate Portuguese churches is the real feast for eyes. On a close look at this church you will find that it has resemblance with Bom Jesus Church at Goa on the virtue of architectural patterns.


Architecture :

The church, built in the Baroque architectural style, exhibits strong similarity but with better workmanship and design than the Bom Jesus Basilica at Goa built in 1605 AD, which was also built by the Portuguese during their colonial rule of the territory. The interior of the church is decorated with intricately carved wood work that is considered one of the most elaborate in any Portuguese church in India. The altar has the statue of St. Mary. Its interior has elaborate and impressive design with delicate volutes (spiral scroll-like ornament) and shell. The front elevation or facade of the church is also said to be the most detailed of all Portuguese churches built in India. The altar, which has the image of St. Mary, is carved out of a single piece of Burmese teak and is lined and lit up with 101 candles. Above the altar, there is a “blue-and–white barrel – vaulted nave adorned with pricelss old paintings and statues.


Jesuit architecture

The Church is stated to be an innovative design of Jesuit architecture, typical to India. The unique aspect is the facade, which has intricate decoration vis-a-vis its plain walls. Though the frontal elevation of the church is a replica of the Bom Jesus Basilica, but it dispenses with an additional third storey and also the compartments created by the buttresses, as seen in the Bon Jesus.

The church has extravagant carved decorations in white stucco, mainly attributed to the craftsmanship of the Indian artisans, which is typical of most churches in Goa. It is inferred that the Indian silversmiths known for their exquisite workmanship have influenced the decor in the facade. This has been attributed to a fact that the Jesuits in India could not find native artists who could recreate the original Jesuit architectural designs. Hence, the religious images made in ivory and the objects made in silver have strong local flavour.



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