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Known for its scenic beauty and tourist spots, Diu is also known for its luscious mouth­watering cuisines, especially sea food. The unique Portuguese and the traditional Gujarati cuisines are specialities of Diu. Tourists from far and wide, flock here to enjoy the sea food varieties some of which are unique to this region. The eating outlets and restaurants here serve tasty Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Portuguese, Thai cuisines and branded wine and liquor varieties.


Traditional Food of Diu
The traditional food in Diu has been largely influenced by the Gujarati cuisine. The food habits are largely influenced by the ecological conditions of this region. Rice, wheat, jowar, bajra form the main ingredients of the traditional dishes here. Wheat bread and tea are taken for breakfast, rotla and vegetable or fish curry for lunch and saag with curry is taken for dinner by the traditional population in Diu. Potaya, puri, pla and various non – vegetarian dishes are prepared during festive occasions. Various alcoholic drinks are consumed by the men as well as women in Diu.


Popular Dishes in Diu
Lobsters, fish and crabs are quite popular among the non – vegetarian population in Diu. The Silver Pomfret, found in Diu, is the largest of its kind in the entire country. Penn de calamari – pasta with squid, Cozido de peixe – a fish stew, Caldinho de Camarao – shrimp soup are a few Portuguese dishes in Diu, that are in great demand. Piri piri, cinnamon, vanilla, olive oil, saffron, garlic, coriander, parsley etc are widely used in the preparation of the Portuguese delicacies.

Popular sweets include laddus, gajar ka halwa, jalebis, gulab jamun, moong dal halwa etc.Christmas and New Year eve are celebrated with plenty of cakes and sweets. Butter chicken, puri aloo, chole bhature, fish curry, kingfish with rice, pasta, lassi, beer are some of the dishes that are quite popular, especially among the tourists visiting Diu. The fruits of Hoka tree are unique and quite popular in Diu.


Restaurants in Diu
The tiny cheerful island of Diu attracts a huge number of visitors. It is known for its blend of Gujarati and Portuguese cultures. Thus to cater to the needs of the multicultural population as well as the tourists visiting from far and wide, Diu has a number of restaurants providing diverse varieties of authentic cuisines. Known to be a sea food galore, there are a number of sea food restaurants, serving mouthwatering sea food preparations. There are also restaurants serving Gujarati cuisines, Portuguese dishes, South Indian and continental cuisines etc.

Diu is home to a number of restaurants and food joints that serve a variety of scrumptious authentic Gujarati, Punjabi, Parsi, South Indian and other regional cuisines. There are exclusive sea food restaurants that cater to the needs of the sea food lovers in this region, restaurants popular for their Goan and continental cuisine, vegetarian restaurants serving Gujarati dishes etc. Most of the restaurants have bars, serving their guests with the choicest cocktails and mock tails. The beaches and prominent tourist locations have food stalls and eateries serving a variety of snacks and eatables.

Near the bus stand of Diu, at the market, there is a Dancing Lassi wala, also called as Disco Lassi wala, who dances to the tunes of famous Bollywood songs, while mixing the lassi by tossing the glasses back and forth in the air. Tourists, especially foreigners flock here to get a glimpse of his dancing skills as well as to taste the delicious lassi. His shop is filled with snaps of film stars, who have visited his shop, to have lassi. It is a must visit, while in Diu.

Here is a list of popular restaurants in Diu with their contact details.


O’ Coqueiro Music Garden Restaurant
The O’ Coqueiro Music Garden Restaurant is a popular garden restaurant, renowned for its Italian and Portuguese dishes. With a pleasant ambience and soothing music as the backdrop, one can enjoy pasta, various Gujarati dishes and a variety of desserts here. It is one of the most sought after restaurants by couples, both locals as well as visitors. An average meal for a couple costs about Rs. 200.
Address: Firangiwada Road, Diu, Daman and Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: +91­98246­81565


Apana Foodland
The Apana Foodland is located, facing the waterfront, providing a visual treat to the tourists. It is popular for its Gujarati fruit salad, which tastes heavenly. It specialises in South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese and Gujarati dishes. An average meal for a couple costs around Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.
Address: Fort Road, Diu, Daman and Diu – 362520
Phone No: +91­287­253650 / 252309


Night Heron Restaurant
The Night Heron is an open­air restaurant, facing the sea and is quite popular for its South Indian breakfasts, And tandoori, Chinese and Punjabi dishes for lunch and dinner. Large number of tourists are seen here in the evenings, enjoying ice­creams and chilled beer, in the company of the sea. An average meal for a couple costs approximately Rs. 200 to Rs. 300.
Address: Bunder Chowk Jetty, Diu, Daman and Diu – 362520
Phone No: +91­2875­ 253166

Apart from these, there are a number of restaurants in Diu, where you can relish a variety of culinary delights that can tingle your taste buds. These restaurants offer the best opportunity to enjoy the mouth­watering cuisines of Diu, and to experience the perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese tastes.


Apaar Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Apaar, Bunder Chowk, Opposite Government Parking, Diu, Daman and Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­8866034600, 9924123135, (91)­5964­255321, 255389
Website: www.hotelapaardiu.com


Seaview Beach Restaurant
Address: Seaview Beach Resort, Ghogla Beach, Diu Ho, Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­9228330555, (91)­2875­252371, 253080
Website: www.seaviewdiu.com


Palacio De Diu Restaurant & Bar
C/O Hotel Palacio De Diu, Near Diu Municipal Council, Parsiwada, Diu Ho, Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­8238887077, (91)­2875­254007
Website: www.hotelpalaciodediu.com


Ocoqueiro Restaurant
Address: Firangiwada Road, Diu, Daman and Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­9824681565


Krishna Bar Restaurant
Address: C/O Krishna Park Resort Diu, Swam Jayanti Lake Garden, Nagva Beach Road, Diu HO, Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­2875­255266
Website: www.krishnaparkresortdiu.com


Dub Chick Bar & Restaurant
Address: Nagao Beach, Diu, Daman and Diu ­ 362520


Khajura Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Palms, Diu Ho, Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­9824227837, (91)­2875­253974, 275375
Website: www.hotelpalms.co.in


Address: C/O Hotel Jagat, Bunder Chowk, Diu, Daman and Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­5964­252469, 252496


Vivek Bar & Restaurant
Address: Hotel Triveni, Near Padmabhushan Sports Complex, Naida Road, Diu Ho, Diu ­ 362520
Phone No: (91)­9723294865, (91)­2875­253045, 253471


Prato Delicioso Restaurant
Address: C/O Sugati Beach Resort, Opposite Check Post, Ghoghla, Diu ­ 362540
Phone No: (91)­9825198769, (91)­2875­252212, 253212, 253213


Vishwas Restaurant
Address: C/O Hotel Vishwas, Bucharvada, Diu ­ 362570
Phone No: (91)­2876­277392

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