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India’s electric supply is 230 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz. All major appliances and sensitive electronics require a stabilizer to regulate the current and to prevent frying your equipment. You can purchase a universal AC adapter before coming or pick one up at a specialized electronics or appliance store in major cities. You may want to bring a surge protector for your laptop or other important equipment.


Over the last several years Gujarat’s electricity supply, especially in urban areas, has stabilized; however, some places still face power cuts as the state struggles to meet the electricity needs of a growing population and booming industries. This could mean no electricity at specified times or ad-hoc electricity cuts.


In a terrain as arid as Gujarat, water is a precious commodity and in scarce supply to many in the rural corners of the state. In some villages women walk several kilometers and spend many hours collecting water for their family’s daily needs. There are even towns and villages that depend entirely on tanker deliveries for their water supply. In the cities, municipal water is sometimes accessible for only a few hours, during which people fill their storage tanks and buckets. For places with limited supply, fill a bucket to use during the day. Please conserve electricity and water.

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