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            Gujarat ‘Jewel of The West’ – Hill Stations and Tourist Spots 


Gujarat is famous for its rich cultural tradition and heritage. Over time, Gujarat has been exposed to a variety of cultures – European, Hindu, and Islamic – and all these have had a distinguished effect on the culture and heritage of Gujarat. Gujarat boasts of a strategic location, making it one of the most sought-after destinations.


Saputara is an enchanting hill station in the state of Gujarat. The Gujarat State Government has paid special attention to develop the surrounding areas to ensure maximum green cover keeping in mind the eco tourism sector.

Located at an altitude of 1000m, this quaint hill station is close to the city of Surat and bang in the middle of the Dangs district. Perched on the second highest plateau of the Sahyadri range, Saputara boasts of a cool climate and fantastic vistas of the lush valley.


Saputara is lined with thick forests all round. These forests are home to a lot of tribal villages with a rich cultural heritage. Hotel, swimming pools, boat club, a museum, and parks are all available in Saputara due to its carefully planned development.


Saputara is not the only hill station that Gujarat boasts of. Due to its long coastline, Gujarat has plenty of hills with lush green valleys and wonderful climate. Some other hill stations in Gujarat are Chorvad in Junagadh district, Tithal, Surat, Bulsar, and Ubhrat. Pavagadh, too, has a hill top to enjoy a solitary moment in the lap of nature.  Also in Gujarat, in the heart of the Gir Forest, are magnificent hot springs known as Tulsi Shyam.


Gujarat’s magnificent hill stations are popular not only among the Indian tourists, but the world over. Their quaint appeal attracts thousands of visitors every year. These wondrous retreats offer a tranquil and homely retreat right in the lap of nature. These fantastic getaway destinations also offer alpine sports during winter; whereas, mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling, and trekking are activities which are available all the year round regardless of the season.


Hill Stations of Gujarat

Saputara Hill Station


Saputara is an enchanting hill station, located at an altitude of 1000m, in the state of Gujarat. It station is close to the city of Surat (160 kms) and bang in the middle of the Dangs district. Perched on the second highest plateau of the Sahyadri range, Saputara boasts of a cool climate which does not exceed 28 degrees Celsius maximum temperature. The hill station provides fantastic vistas of the lush valley. According to legends, Lord Rama spent 11 years of his exile in these forests. Hotel, swimming pools, boat club, a museum, and parks are all available in Saputara due to its carefully planned development by the Gujarat State Government. Facilities for adventure sports are also available in Saputara.


Saputara is an attraction point for youth. Many young groups visit saputara and taste the thrill and adventure on various popular sites of Saputara. Following are the stunning adventure options at Saputara .

  • The Ropeway
  • Trekking & camping
  • Boating
  • Horse riding
  • Camel riding

Saputara hill station offeres dozens of sight seeing highlights to the natue lovers. Saputara has always been a favourite destination among the tourist. Following are the major site seeing highlights at Saputara.


Gandhi Shikhar

From Gandhi Shikhar (peak), a walkable distance from circle of Saputara, you can see the sun setting amidst the hilltops. It can be approached by only ropeway from Vaity Ropeway Resort.


Sunrise Point

The Sunrise Point, also known as the Valley View Point, offers a bird’s eye view of Saputara and its environs.


Sardar Shikhar 

Sardar Shikhar is a worth seeing point. From there you can see the sun spreading its beautiful soft morning rays on the greenery.


Lake & Boating Club

The Lake & Boating Club, right in the heart of the valley, is the extremely calm Saputara Lake. It is 70 feet deep and spreads in the vast valley surrounded by the hills. Row and paddle boats are available for hire. Several types of amusement facilities for children are available near the lake.


Saputara Tribal Museum 

Saputara Tribal Museum is a small museum with a tribal theme, displaying the lifestyle, ornaments, musical instruments, agricultural implements, house objects of day-to-day use of native Dangis. It provides an insight into the tribes of Dang. Timings: 10.30am to 05.00pm. Entry fees: for students – Re 1, adults – Rs 2 and for foreigners Rs 50.


Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a garden with different types of roses   which offers scenic places for tourists to laze in, while walking around Saputara.


Honey Bees Centre

The Honey Bees Centre is a place where honeybees are reared and pure honey is collected. It is just opposite to the garden. It also provides information on honey industry and honeybee rearing.


Echo Point

The Echo Point is situated just ahead of Rutumbhara Vishwavidhalaya. It provides fun and activities under one roof.


Lake View Garden

The Lake View Garden is maintained at the banks of lake in the centre of Saputara.



Sitavan – along with Anajani Kund – is among the landmarks of the days of Ramayan and Mahabharat.


Pandav Gufas

The Pandav Gufas are believed to be the caves which Pandavas used during their vanavasa to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.


Pampa Sarovar

The Pampa Sarovar is believed to be the birthplace of Hanumandada which is 40 km away from Ahwa, the headquarters of Dang district in Gujarat.


Forest nurseries

The Forest nurseries are particularly along the Narmada river which flows 161 km (100 miles) through Gujarat State


Hatgad Fort

The Hatgad Fort is in the Nasik District which is just 8 km away from Saputara. The height of this fort is about 3600 feet and it lies near the Mulher village. On the top of the fort there are two reservoirs.


Saputara No Sap

Saputara No Sap (Snake of Saputara), at the base of the lake near the stream, is a patio, where a snake sculpture is placed. Local Dangis worship this snake


Waghai Hill Station

Taking advantage of this and banking on Gujarat’s natural beauty, numerous hill stations have popped up in the region. One such is the central town of Waghai, which is 49 km from Saputaa. In and around Waghahi, numerous chaming tourist destinations are located. Due to scenic vistas of the area, the drive from Saputara to Waghai is an experience in itself.


Mahal Hill Station

60 km from Saputara is the beautiful region of Mahal. Close to the Purna Sanctuary, Mahal Hill Station is a slightly long drive from Saputara. But the drive is worth the effort as the scenic vistas of this magnificent area are refreshing to the human soul. To reach Mahal, one passes through the most enchanting parts of Dangs. The high woods, bamboo glades interspersed with serene glades and rivers making it a perfect spot for picnics, treks and walks.


Wilson Hill Station Dharampur

Wilson Hills (Hindi:विल्सनहिल्स) is a hill station in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is near Dharampur Tahsil and is also the nearest hill station to Surat.

Wilson Hills stands in a densely forested region close to the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one of the few hill stations in the world from which it is possible to glimpse the sea.

It has an average elevation of 750m (2500 feet). The Wilson Hills are popular during the summer months as it enjoys a cooler and less humid climate than the surrounding area.



There are a total of six points on the Wilson Hills and other places near Wilson Hills.

  • Marble Chatri Pt
  • Steep Valley Pt
  • Ozone Valley Pt
  • Sunrise Pt
  • Sunset Pt
  • shankar waterfalls pt
  • Barumal temple
  • Lady Wilson museum
  • The district science centre
  • Jalaram dham faladhara
  • Bilpudi twin waterfalls




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