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Gujarat is a dry state, which means alcohol is illegal. However, it offers liquor permits to foreigners and Indian citizens of the other states. These permits allow you to purchase a set quantity of liquor within a fixed period. Permits are easiest to obtain at the Gujarat Tourism Information Office at the airport. Alternatively, visit a government – authorized Wine Shop, usually found in high-end hotels across the major cities. Shops are generally open between 1000 and 1900, Mon- Sat. You have to present your passport and local address (international visitors) or driver’s license, PAN card and ticket into Gujarat (national tourists) to acquire a permit. The duration of validity depends on your nationality, visa and duration of stay. Technically the permit is free for foreigners and costs some Rs. 70 for Indian citizens, but the officer may hint at a “tip”. Although you can legally buy alcohol with a permit, you must consume it in the privacy of your room. You will also get a list of shops where liquor can be purchased.

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