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Mehsana is one of the largest cities in North Gujarat. A number of primary industries including dairy, and oil and natural gas are situated in or around the city. The city is also famous for its local Mehsani buffalo breed, having the first water park in Eurasia (currently the largest in Gujarat), and the largest iron and steel market in India.


It is also known for “Vadnagar” which is a famous town in Mehsana District. If really want to enjoy your day then you could spend your day in “Water Park” also. Mehsana is also known for high-tech educational institution, GANPAT VIDHYANAGAR. The famous Sun Temple and other Jain temples at Modhera is just about 55 km from Mehsana. Modhera’s Sun temple is over 900 years old.



A short motor ride towards Chanasma and you come to the town of Becharaj and the temple of Bahuchar Mata, an incarnation of the Mother Goddess. Pilgrimages are undertaken to this site for vows fulfilled and boons granted. ‘Bahuchar Mata’ is the patron goddess of the women folk who invoke her intervention in domestic violence and problems within the family. The goddess is also principle deity of transvestites and eunuchs who flock here large numbers to seek the blessings of the goddess.


Bhavai Government Museum

There is a hall that pays tribute to all the artists of the Nayak community, who were known to perform the ancient bhavai form – the folk theatre of Gujarat. Bhavai was the most widely used tool for mass communication used since the 12th century till recent times. This museum helps introduce some of the legends of the bhavai artform, such as Jaishankar Sundari, Chhagan Romeo, Bapalal Naik to the everyday audience.

Buddhist Monastery and Antiquities, Vadnagar

The recent excavations have brought to light a Buddhist Monastery belonging to the 2nd-7th century AD, within the fortified area of Vadnagar. The monastery had two votive stupas and an open central count yard around which initially nine cells were constructed. The arrangement of cells around the central courtyard creates a swastika(fylfot)-like pattern.

Hatkeshwar Temple

This profusely carved 17th century temple just outside town enshrines Hatkeshwar Mahadev, the family deity of Nagar Brahmins, who were once a prominent community in Vadnagar. The temple’s inner sanctum houses a Shiva linga said to have self-emerged (swayambhu). From the roof of the sanctum a massive shikhar soars high into the sky. Facing east, the temple is enclosed by a high wall topped by three circular domes interspersed with flat stretches in the Indo-Saracenic tradition.

The exterior of the temple is exquisitely ornamented with figures of the nine planets, musicians, evocative dancing apsaras, regent deities, the chief gods of the Hindu pantheon, scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and varied animal and floral motifs. The premises also have an ancient Kashivishveshvara Shiva temple, a Swaminarayan temple and two Jain temples.
Shanku’s Water Park

It is the first water park in Eurasia(currently the largest in Gujarat). The group is the pioneer in getting the water parks to India and has the best and the most favorite three star holiday resort (Shanku’s Water World Resort), an outdoor catering division (Shanku’s Catering Services)


Sharmishtha Lake

The Sharmishtha Talav is an interesting example of the water retaining systems of the Solanki period, as it is still in use. It is an ancient lake created by the waters of the river Kapila flowing from the hills of Aravalli. More than 4500 years ago, early settlements appeared on its northeastern shore. Later a stepped embankment was created all around it to retain the water. In order to protect the embankments from getting destroyed by the gushing waters of the river in monsoon, a water feeding kund was built on the northern side of the lake. This kund, called Nagdharo, with a lake, pool, locks, and feeding channel, built during the Solanki period, is a specimen of high quality engineering



Ucharpi is a Village in Mehsana district in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is a village situated on the bank of Khari river. Ucharpi has many famous temples one of which Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir which is on the road of Chitroda Village.

It is famous for following places:

  • Lake of Ucharpi
  • A seagull in Lake Ucharpi
  • Khari River
  • Bhimnath Mahadev
  • Sankat Mochan Hanuman and Kalka Mataji Nu Mandir
  • Biliya Mahadev


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