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You can find just about everything you need in Gujarat; however, the following is a list of items you should pack from home.


  • Loose fitting, cotton clothing (it is comfortable, suitable for the climate and easy to wash. Women and men dress modestly in Gujarat, so avoid shorts and sleeveless tops.)
  •  A light sweater or shawal. (Nights in the desert and hill areas can be chilly.)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen and a hat or scarf to protect you against the sun
  • Any medication that you need (inhalers, anti-malarial drugs and birth control pills.)
  • If you wear contacts, bring a pair of glasses (Gujarat can be dusty and may irritate your eyes.)
  • Tampons (pads are readily available) and floss (This is also good for mending bags and shoes.)
  • If you absolutely need toilet paper, pack some.
  • A cotton sheet (To cover yourself during overnight train and bus journeys and dirty linen you may find in cheaper accommodation.)
  • Flashlight and batteries (Available in India but not always long-lasting.)
  • Specialty film and relevant camera equipment
  • Insect repellent
  • A water bottle
  • Some strong string or rope to use as a makeshift clothesline
  • A sports bra (It is more comfortable in the heat and supportive on bumpy roads.)
  • A good combination lock (Cheaper hotels may not have locks on their doors.)


  • Pocket knife
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Multivitamins including iron or B 12 if required
  • Ziplockbags
  • Universal plug adapter




You can fly into India from most continents around the world. Generally International flights land in Mumbai or Delhi and connect by domestics flights with other parts of the country. However, Air India, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines fly directly into Ahmedabad. Indirect flights generally cheaper but add extra hours to the journey. Customs clearance happens at the city of arrival. If you are travelling lights, you are travelling lights, you can also take a train into Gujarat (see Getting Around, Trains) from your point of entry.


Shop around for the best price since your ticket into India is likely to be the most expensive part of your trip. To book a ticket online try.

www.kayak.com                     www.ebookers.com                            www.cheaptickets.com

www.travelocity.com              www.expedia.com                              www.cleartrip.com

www.makemytrip.com           www.ixigo.com                                   www.skyscanner.in


Discount agents sell extra seats at cheap prices, sometimes only specializing in youth student or budget travel.

Council Travel              www.counciltravel.com

STA                             www.statravel.co.uk

Trailfinders                  www.trailflinders.co.uk


Airline regulations are constantly changing. To avoid emptying and repacking your bags at the airport, ask your ticket agent or the airline for the latest security regulations and baggage restrictions.



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