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Gir Jungle Trail


Gir is one of India’s oldest sanctuaries, and is synonymous with the majestic Asiatic lion (Pantheraleopersica). The only place in India to see this animal, this park can take legitimate pride in saving an endangered species, which was at the threshold of extinction in the start of the twenty-first century, by providing it a more secured habitat. The Gir ecosystem falls in Biogeography Zone-4 (the semi arid) and Biogeography Province 4-B. Gujarat Rajwara is the last remaining abode of the Asiatic Lion, Pantheraleopersica. The Government of Gujarat has declared an area of 1412.1 sq km as Protected Area (PA) which comprises 258.7 sq km as National Park and 1153.4 sq km as Sanctuary. Besides this 470.5 sq km of forest area forms a buffer Zone as reserve, protected and unclassified forest. Thus, a total area of 1882.6 sq km makes up the Gir forest.


Please note: Forest visit is closed from 16th June to 15th Oct every year.

Timing: Monday To Sunday – 6 AM to 9 AM , 9 AM to 12PM & 3 PM to 6 PM


Normal Day : Upto 06 Person: Indian Rs. 800/- Foreigner: Rs. 4800/-

Extra Child : Indian Rs. 100/- Foreigner: Rs. 1200/-

Saturday-Sunday : Upto 06 Person: Indian Rs. 1000/- Foreigner: Rs. 6000/-

Extra Child : Indian Rs. 125/- Foreigner: Rs. 1500/-

Festival Days : Upto 06 Person: Indian Rs. 1000/- Foreigner: Rs. 6000/-

Extra Child : Indian Rs. 125/- Foreigner: Rs. 1500/-

Festival Days (Saturday-Sunday) : Upto 06 Person: Indian Rs. 1250/- Foreigner: Rs. 7500/-

Extra Child : Indian Rs. 155/- Foreigner: Rs. 1875/-

Note: In one E-permit maximum 6 (+1*) persons will be allowed.

*Only 1 child between 3 to 12 years will be allowed.


Gir Interpretation Zone – Devalia

Devalia Safari Park also known as Gir Interpretation Zone – Devalia, is the establishment of particular eco-tourism zone to reduce overload of tourists from Gir Forest Visit and to provide whole wildlife of Gir at single place in safe habitats. This Interpretation Zone comprises of 412 ha chain link fenced area which is regarded as ‘Gir in a nutshell’ covering all habitat types and wildlife of Gir. The basic aim of creating this facility is to provide an opportunity of viewing lions and other animals in their natural habitat within a short period of time at cheaper rates. There are animals like Asiatic lions, Leopards, Blue Bull, Sambhar, Chital, Jackal, Black buck, Wild Boar etc. The presence of Savana habitat and other flora is also another attraction of the area. Many rare birds including Peafowl and vultures are common in the Devalia.


Timing: Monday To Sunday : 8 AM To 11 AM & 3 PM To 5 PM

Closed on: Devalia Safari Park remains closed on every wednesday.


Monday-Friday: Indian Rs. 150/- Foreigner: Rs. 2400/-

Saturday-Sunday : Indian Rs. 190/- Foreigner: Rs. 3000/-

Festival Days : Indian Rs. 190/- Foreigner: Rs. 3000/-

Festival Days (Saturday-Sunday) : Indian Rs. 240/- Foreigner: Rs. 3750/-

Note: Viewing by Bus.


Crocodile Breeding Farm

The Crocodile Breeding Farm near Sasan is an interesting place to see, where reptiles are hatched and reared before they are set free into the forest in their natural habitat.

Timing: 10 AM to 6 PM

Closed on: NA

Fees: Free


Kamleshwar Dam

This is the most requisite dam in the area being built over the Hiran River. Located inside the vicinity of Gir National Park, the Kamleshwar Dam actually serves as a lifeline of the reserve area where the tourists can find great varieties of marsh crocodiles. 60 Km far from Sasan gir. Need to hire Union Car approx rate is : Rs. 4500/-

Timing: 10 Am To 5 Pm


Kankai Mata Temple

In the heart of the jungle, 50 km from SasanGir, there is a shrine to Kankai Mata, the benefactor of the shepherds of Gir forest. A supremely wild place, here you can hear lions roar at night and animals gathering at the nearby lake. There is a bus from Junagadh every morning that leaves at 8:00 am, stays one hour at the temple, and departs on the return journey at 9:45 am. But to really experience the place, go with private transport and stay the night. The high temple walls ensure your safety, and once night falls, you can watch the stars through the jungle treetops, hear lions roaming outside and experience a night in the true wilderness.

Timing: 10 Am To 5 Pm

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