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Somnath, a city in the State of Gujarat, draws tourists from far and wide. The various shrines, temples, monuments and museums act as key tourist attractions of this place. However, besides taking a trip to these tourist destinations, Bazaars in Somnath are also a good place to keep you busy during your tour to Somnath.

If you are a shopaholic, the Bazaars in Somnath, Gujarat, India would charm you to no ends. Even if you are not tempted by the activity of shopping, you can still purchase some things for your folks back home.

If you can get some time out of your busy schedule, Shopping in Somnath would mesmerize you for sure by the variety of things on offer. As the shops of Somnath Markets have some interesting articles of different price ranges up for grabs, shopping at this place could be an amusing activity. In fact, besides the usual sightseeing, several tourists pay a visit to the Somnath Markets to pick a thing or two that catches their fancy.

Near the holy places of Somnath, you can buy some religious articles. Some other articles that are major attractions at the Bazaars in Somnath are wall hangings, animal trappings, marriage costumes, quilts and cradle clothes. Many of these pieces are appliqued, embroidered and adorned with beadwork.

In quite a few of these items, you would also notice beautiful embellishments that make use of shells, sequins, mirrors and buttons.
Shopping in Somnath is all about buying small idols and photos of Lord Somnath that are available in the temple premises. You can also buy some handmade dolls sold near the bus-stand here. its well-heeled shopping arcade is mind-boggling as bestows you with the golden chance to buy the mesmeric products whose craftsmanship is unbeatable. Shopping in Somnath rivets the shopaholic and encourages him to buy the gaudy items of Somnath which chiefly include embroidered products which are really stunning as they are studded with fascinating beadwork.

Shopping in Somnath is really an agreeable affair and array of intriguing products which bring to light the authentic aesthetic allure of Somnath make your shopping an amusing bustle. If you are not money bound and also have a shopping fervor in you then shopping in Somnath will turn out to be a festivity full of vim and vigor and doles out a golden opportunity to you to buy exotic items such as quilts, nuptials costumes, hangings, cradle clothes and animal paraphernalia. Their area of expertise is that they all are prepared from excellent beadwork with embroidery done on the entire body of these products. Further, they are revamped with stupendous mirror work, shells, shiny flecks, and buttons, all are simply enigmatic. Certainly, these items would mark amongst your much coveted buys from this affluent Somnath province.

So, if you have ample time and handsome money in your pocket then shopping in Somnath is a bravura preference and buys the best of your picking and feel elated about your memorable trip to Somnath in Gujarat.
Buy laminated and / or framed photos of Lord Somnath and temple, which is available in the temple and also with petty vendors outside. There are a few people near the Bus Stand who sell some Handmade items like dolls etc, which are good.

you can also see sea shells items, also there is a small shop in Sharda Math which sells pretty knick nacks – mostly religious – and pearls and counches.

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