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There are plenty of great gifts and souvenirs to buy from Gujarat. The state has a rich craft culture (see Resource Guide Craft) and no end to the beautiful handmade articles available. If you buy directly from the artisan when possible, you help support the local economy and sustain the handicraft culture. You also get to learn the story behind the craft. Many non-profit also market various products that are often of excellent quality and proceeds from their sales are used for a good cause. Under the relevant cities we have listed recommended shopping outlets.


Gujarat is known for its silver costume jewellery and textile (Bandhani, block printing weaving). Haats are weekly bazaars setup in larger towns on particular days for people in the surrounding villages, often tribal communities, to buy and sell their daily essential such as handmade pottery, bows and arrows, ornaments, and forest resources. A gujari is essentially a flea market and agreat place to find hidden treasures. Although We have not listed commercial complexes or malls, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat have plenty of boutiques and department stores selling western and traditional clothing as well as electronic and other essentials. There are also plenty of khadi Bhandars, which sell handspun cotton fabric alongside handmade soap and other cottage industry products. The open bazaars and specialized markets are great shopping experience. Between the two you can find just about anything.



Bargaining is the part of the local experience and expected in traditional open markets. As for the art of bargaining, first start by asking the price of an object you do not want. Then slip in nonchalant query about what you really want without appearing too eager. Move on to other things before returning to the item of your choice. State a price lower than what you want to pay. Then exchange in a back and forth with the vendor until you reach a compromise that both sides are happy with. There are no rules of thumb, but generally, you can quote a price about a third of the original. You should aim to spend what you. Once you start bargaining it is understood that you are committed to buying the article if you can agree on a
an acceptable amount. Remember that prices will automatically inflate if you have a different skin color or a western accent. Just enjoy the experience, and remember that at the end of the day a few rupees more may mean nothing to you.


Shopping Places In Gujarat
Gujarat is very popularly acknowledged for its picturesque and exquisite handicrafts all over India. Presently the state Gujarat is considered as the most booming, prosperous, encouraging, and flourishing state in India. The economy of Gujarat is also doing very well. The main productions in Gujarat include dates, peanuts, sugar cane, cotton, milk, and milk products. The main industrial productions in Gujarat encompass cement and petrol. Amul one of the milk cooperative federation was originated in Gujarat.
There are myriad of tourist attraction spots in Gujarat. Each year this place is visited by thousands of visitors from all across of the world and India. They prefer visiting the historical rich and exquisite states of Gujarat. Some of the well known and popular tourists spots in Gujarat encompass Khavda, Girnar, Kambughoda, Lothal, Surpaneshwar, Ratanmahal, Rampur, Dwarkanath Temple, Palitana Temples, Kachchh Desert, Jessore, Barda, Balaram-Ambaji, Anjal, Kamnath Mahadev Radhu Di, Shankheswara Jain Temples, Dholvira, Sun Temple, Narayan Sarovar, Akshardham Temple, Bhagwan Swaminarayn, Purna, Nal Sarovar, Paniya and Somnath Temple and the list is endless.


Shopping in Gujarat can be a lifetime experience for anyone. Each year tourists from different parts of the country and world come and visit this exquisite state of Gujarat while also shop away to maintain the glory. The state is acknowledged for its handicrafts while prides of its rich tradition.
While you indulge for shopping in Gujarat, you must remember to pick and select from an assortment of items which are put on display in the markets of Gujarat. An array of items are displayed which include cloth toys, curios, cradle cloth, appliquéd quilts, embroidered marriage costumes, lacquer furniture, gagra cholis, bandhnis, patola silk sarees, embroidered footwear and wall hangings and the list is endless.


Gujarat Specialties

  • Patola Silk Sarees
  • Bandhnis and traditional Gagra-Cholis
  • Marriage Costumes
  • Wall Hangings
  • Embroidered, Appliquéd Quilts
  • Cradle Clothes
  • Cloth Toys
  • Embroidered Footwear
  • Lacquer Furniture

What to Buy from Gujarat


Gujarat is particularly well known for its sarees. Most of these sarees are designed intricately with inlaid zari work. Another well known and famous selling fabric is the patola silk from patan which is also available in larger cities. The place is also known for traditional ghagra cholis, bandhinis, which are considered as impeccable craftsmenship. Gujarat is also a rich arsenal of distinguished art and craft at assorted government handicraft centers. One more popular city is Jamnagar which is famous for its tie and dye together with brightly colored embroidery work.


All through the 17th century, Gujarat was well known for being a significant center for assorted commercial embroidery all across the world. In this present era, Gujarat is well known for being the world’s richest source of folk embroidery which is found only in the belt regions like Saurashtra and Kutch all through the northern Gujarat and western Rajasthan to Thar Parkar district which lies in Sindh of Pakistan. The marriage costumes, buttons, shells, sequins, clothes adorned with beadwork while embellished with mirrors, appliquéd, cradle clothes together with embroidery, wall hangings etc. There are different castes which pass on their creativity and innovativeness from one generation to other generation. They excel in their work which is noted by different designs, range of stitches and colors along with cut of the garments which have tie and dye, block printing as their main designs which also symbolizes their cultural identity.


Ahmedabad – Best Place for Shopping Lovers
The city Ahmadabad is counted on top for different kinds of shopping. It features classy emporiums on one side of the road while there are shops on the other side. Hastkala Kapasi emporium, Saurashtra emporium, Bandhej emporium, Khadi Gram Udyog emporiums are few exclusive places which sell junks, elegant cotton attires and handworks. One of the famous art and craft emporiums of state Gujarat “Gurajari” provides an elite brand of collections from the whole state. One can find different ethnics and traditional jewelry as well as artifacts at Teen Darwaza which is located in the oldest part of Ahmadabad. This place offers an exclusive range of different antique items while also gives you a chance to bargain. Few other best places for shopping in Ahmadabad are Relief road, Law Garden, CG road and Ashram Road etc.


List of Various Shopping Places in Gujarat
Gujarat Shopping Centers for GARMENTS

  • Kalapi
  • Exclusive showroom for ladies and children garments
  • Shreeji Sarees
  • Showroom for Indian traditional outfits and sarees



  • Kalakendra
  • showroom for traditional dresses Ankleshwar:Family Wear
  • A family showroom


Gujarat shopping centers for JEWELRY

  • Jhanak Jewelers
  • A jewelery collection for marriage and party wears
  • Sundari Jewelers
  • Gold and silver ornaments
  • Ahmedabad
  • Shree Krupa Jewelers
  • A showroom of diamond and other jewelery.

Gujarat shopping centers for HANDICRAFTS


  • Sejal Handicrafts
  • A house of handicrafts
  • Sajaavat
  • A collection of decorative handicrafts and interior designing items.


Gujarat shopping centers for GIFT ITEMS

  • Sejal handicrafts
  • A collection of gift items and handicrafts
  • Flowers Point
  • A house for flowers and bouquets



  • Titan Clocks and Watches
  • A showroom for wrist watches and others
  • Ankleshwar
  • Sarita Cards and gifts shop
  • Cards and gift items for all occasions
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