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The toilet can be a point of contention for many travelers. Although western toilets are commonly found in newer buildings and hotels, the squat toilet is what you will encounter in villages, public restrooms and older buildings. With a little practice and an open mind, you can grow to appreciate the benefits of the squat toilet.

On the first encounter, some people are not exactly sure how to maneuver the squat toilet. Prior to starting, always pour some water down the toilet bowl to help with the flushing afterwards. Then get Into position by placing your feet on the two footrests with your back towards the larger end of the hole. Balance yourself as you get Into a squatting position.

The balancing becomes easier with more practice. After you are done, pour a bucket of water down the bowl to flush. All bathrooms are generally equipped with a tap or a bucket of water and a small mug. Although many people prefer to keep toilet paper with them, the local way is environmentally friendly and more sanitary once you master the technique. After filling the mug of water, rinse with your left hand while using your right to pour. Once you are content, allow your behind to air dry for a few seconds. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. When using public toilets in India, squat toilets are more sanitary than the western toilets since you avoid contact with all surfaces in the former.

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