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Vadodara is a city of cultural Gujarat situated on the banks of the Vishvamitri River also known as Baroda. The food of Vadodara is exquisite from the food of the other states in India. A majority of the people in this city are vegetarians due to the huge number of Jains and other clans practicing vegetarianism. The food of Vadodara however has a lot to offer besides the regular Indian food comprising of Chapati, pulses, rice, etc. It is a true reflection of Gujarati and Kathiawadi cuisines of India.


Main Food in Vadodara
The dishes mainly consist of steamed vegetables, pulses and rice combined with different spices in oil. Some ingredients used commonly here are sugar, salt, lemon, lime and tomato. Most of the dishes have a bit of sugar or jaggery in which give a slightly sweet flavor to the taste buds. This sweet flavour further neutralizes the salty taste of water. The food in Vadodara is primarily made in the houses by the ladies. The main food items here are made with gram flour and rice flour. Buttermilk, homemade pickles and lentils are the famous dishes of Vadodara that is consumed by every family. The food is not very spicy as a bit of sugar is added to it. The availability of dishes changes according to the availability of vegetables during different seasons and weather conditions. The spices also vary depending on the season. People here use less Garam Masala during summers and binge more on milk, dry fruits and nuts. Though Vadodara is dominantly vegetarian, there are some options for the non vegetarians as well due to the modernization of the place.


The Typical GujaratiThali of Vadodara
Gujarati Thali is famous all over Vadodara for its wide selection and taste of dishes. It includes Chapatis, Biscuit Bhkhris, Corn Rotlas and four varieties of vegetables, three namkeen items, three desserts, two types of pulses, rice and accompaniments like salads, pickles, curd, chutneys and buttermilk. The best part of this thali is that one can have as many helpings till they fill their bellies. The quantities are unlimited served on the tables.
Mostly the average cost of a Gujarati Thali from a good place would be approximately Rs. 100 to Rs. 120 per person.


Gujarati Restaurants in Vadodara
There are several places to indulge on the best of the cuisine in Vadodara.
– Kansaar Gujarati Thali
– Sasumaa Gujarati Thali
– Rasthal Gujarati Thali
– Chappanbhog Gujarati Thali
– Shree Sai Gujarati Thali
– Aamantran
– Mandap
– Jay Gurudev Restaurant
– Mahakali Sev Usal
– Rajdhani
– Hotel Sheel
– Hotel Yuvraj
– Hotel Gaurav


Vegetarian Restaurants in Vadodara
Since the majority of the population is Vadodara is vegetarian, there is an abundance in restaurants serving pure vegetarian food. Some of these restaurants are:
– 20 Minutes
– 22nd Parallel
– After Hours
– Anjoy
– Bakes and Cakes
– Bamboo @ Pizza
– Banana Leaf
– Bitings
– Blue Lagoon’s
– Café 88
– Café Chocolade
– Chatkazz
– Cheese and Chips
– Chopati
– City South Corner
– City Spice
– Danny’s Coffee Bar
– Dawat
– Fun Flavors
– Golden Platter
– Green Chillies
– Madhuban Restaurant


Non Vegetarian Eateries in Vadodara
Non vegetarian is also available in Vadodara, though not very readily due to the less number of people eating it. There are some places in Vadodara that serve good non vegetarian food:
– Vanity
– Fabia
– Baba Food Center
– Fiorella Italian Restaurant
– Hotel Sayaji
– Ginger Hotel
– Havmor
– Zaika
– Periyaar
Fast Food Joints in Vadodara
Fast food is common in every city and as the name suggests it is quick and filling. Vadodara also has many fast food joints which are given below:
– Mc Donald’s
– Subway
– Pizza Bell
– Rangoli Restaurant
– Lilleria Food Court
– Goodies Cafeteria
– Oven Magick
– Sankalp Restaurant
– City Spice Restaurant
– Red Chillies Restaurant
– Urban Spice Restaurant
– Pizza Corner
– Suryaprakash Restaurant
– Jumbo King Vadapav
– Moneez
– Lalubhai’s Sev Usal
– Bhai Bhai Dabeli
– Quiznos
– Eat N Tweet
– Baroda Biryani House
– Mr. Puff Fast Food
– Firgtemp
– Frankie Corner
– Shivam Pao Bhaji and Fast food
– Rimzim
– Jalaram Fast Food


Food Cafes in Vadodara
In terms of hangout and nightlife also, Vadodara is quite progressive. There are several food cafes in the city for all purposes:
– Café Coffee Day
– ABB Canteen
– Canara Coffee House
– Danny’s Coffee Bar
– Café Chocolade
– Shambhu Coffee Bar
– Café Royal Restaurant
– Barista
– D JunXion
– Kalyan Café
– Brewberrys Café
– VarieTEA
– Bangs
– Café Cosmopolitan
– Jojo’s Café
– Jay Bhole Tea Nasta House
– Nescafe
– Grafitti Café
– Ne Time Café
– The Chocolate Room
– Tasty Bite Café & Store
– Friendzz Café
– Live in Café
– Olive The Café
– Coco Chai
– Rajkamal Coffee House
– Muffine Café
– Caffein
– Season’s Café
– Brewer’s Coffee Bar
– Celebration Café
– Shesha Café and Hukka House
– Caffe Musica


Street Food in Vadodara
Street food is very popular in Vadodara among the people and hygienic as well. It is the main essence of food in the city. Some of the famous street food corners in Vadodara are:
– Maggiwala
– Vadodara Canopy’s Cutting Chai – Vishnu
– Egg Station
– Tasty Vadapav
– Salsa Habanero
– Paras Paan
– Rajasthan Kulfi House
– Bhailal Shivlal
– Cookie Man
– Sugam
– Dairy Den
– Rasanand
– Payal Farsan
– Shree Gandhi Bakery
Food is an essential part in any tour and for everyone. Good food is all that is needed to keep everyone going. This information should help all the visitors to find the food of their choice.

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