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Shopping in Vadodara will be a pleasure for the art connoisseur because Vadodara is the city of artists and painters and the MS University’s Fine Arts College holds regular art exhibitions. For shoppers interested in silver jewellery, Raopura, Teen Darwaza and Mandvi offer a range of oxidized silver. One can check out the local Khadi Bhandar center for handicrafts, fabric and readymade handspun cotton clothes.

If you visit Ahmedabad, the city of fabrics then you can buy a range of cotton garments. Gurjari, the Gujarat State Crafts Emporium, has some of the best products not only from Ahmedabad but also from Gujarat.

In the olden days, Vadodara or “Baroda” was the settlement of the regal Gaekwads. It is today one of the fastest growing cities of Gujarat. Vadodara, though it is an industrial city, is celebrated for its monuments, palaces and parks and a huge crowd of the tourists from the various parts of India come here. There are a lot of places and tourist attractions in Vadodara in which the tourists can take pleasure. Tour to Vadodara remains virtually incomplete if the tourist does not shop for himself/ herself as vadodara stocks an amazing variety of local goods. So, one should not worry about What to buy in Vadodara as there is simply no scaricity of souvenirs and various other articles in different varieties that can be purchased.

As Vadodara is an industrial city, it is most famous for the various types of furniture, textiles and handicraft items. Vadodara has always been famous as the city of painters and artists whose artistic works have created magic. The intricately carved out designs in the showpieces and their wonderful patterns make for some of the most creative home decor. There is a wonderful collection of factory made, and hand crafted furniture items. While shopping in the city the tourist will never run out of options on what to buy in Vadodara.

There are numerous shops where the guests can buy the silver jewellery articles. Some of the most notable ones would be Raopura, Mandvi, Teen Darwaza and Lehripura Mandir Bazar. Alkapuri Arcade and National Plaza are the modern shops selling fashion apparel in vogue and also the latest furnishings.

You can also go for the local Khadi Bhandar center for handicrafts, fabric and ready-to-wear handspun clothes in the cotton type. Shopping in Vadodara is surely going to be great fun since the tourists will be familiarized with Gujarati handicrafts and tie and dye and fabric printing techniques. If you are tired after your shopping in Vadodara is over, then you can also unwind at the roadside restaurants and food and beverage outlets that offer a scrumptious range of local Gujarati and Indian fare! There are a lot of things that tourist will come across on his tour to Vadodara and shopping in Vadodara is something indispensable for a really memorable experience of travel.

Vadodara is excellently connected by air as Vadodara airport has good connections with all the important cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune. State transport buses and the private luxury coaches also connect Vadodara to the different towns and cities of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, and Rajasthan.


Shopping Areas
Vadodara is a tourist spot as well as a shopper’s paradise. The city is dotted with a number of shops and malls. This industrial city is famous for various types of furniture, textiles and handicraft items. Roopura, Mandvi, Teen Darwaza and Lehripura Mandir bazaars are some the shopping areas. Alkapuri and National Plaza are the major shopping malls in the city. A vegetable market is located adjacent to the Khanderao Market that is known for retail and wholesale vegetable selling apart from the fresh flower market.

Khanderao Market is an impressive building placed in the city of Vadodara. Khanderao market was established in 1906 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III, who offered the market as a gift to the City to mark the Silver Jubilee of his government. The workplaces of the Vadodara Municipal Corporation are positioned in this building. Garden-fresh Vegetable & Flower bazaar is also situated in the back patch.

Vadodara shopping is a great attraction for travelers who visit the multicultural Gujarat city. Vadodara city is a shopper’s ecstasy as well. The previous Baroda city is a desirable visitor destination in the Indian subcontinent that has arose at the front of industrial creativities. The booming trade and business has assured the city is lavish in customary colorful souks, shopping emporiums and the posh shopping malls that trade just roundall.

Shopping in the typical markets of Vadodara imitate the classic Vadodara ethos. The city is gifted with severalec centric market places that sell a mind blowing collection of products that varies from workshop finished goods to the complicated hand madefixtures as well as the beautiful Gujarati handi work stuffs. Lehripura Mandir Bazaar, Mandvi, Raopura and Teen Darwaza are some of the commonnative marketplaces. Beside from extensive collection of handiwork stuffs and mementoes and gifts, the scene of the colorful display of the flea market place marks shopping in Vadodara city as asensational and enjoyable event.

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