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Although Gujarat is relatively safe for women, you are still likely to encounter uncomfortable stares and catcalls. The local term “eveteasing” refer to a group of men harassing a woman or a group of women. Dressing like local women in salwar kameez (a long tunic with loose pants and scarf) help decrease some of the unwanted attention. The dupatta (scarf) comes in handy when you have to cover your head to enter a mosque or gurudwara and to protect you against the sun. Avoid baring your legs and midriff since this is seen as immodest and can be interpreted in a negative way. It also helps to say you are married woman. Light hair and light skin will unfortunately always attract attention, so take proper safety measures and avoid being out late at night by yourself. Always lock your hotel room. When riding public transport, place you bag or purse between you and other passengers to prevent groping or grabbing. You can always move if you are uncomfortable and never hesitate to scold somebody or tell him to stop if he is being inappropriate. It is the best to avoid eye contact and conversation with male strangers especially about personal matters, since this is sometime taken as a sign of mutual interest. If you feel uncomfortable while talking to somebody you can always walk away.

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